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Since 1986, NAJO’s harmonious jewellery designs have empowered individuals to express themselves creatively and beautifully while staying true to their personalities. Fusing unconventionality with a timeless appeal, NAJO's sophisticated and bold jewellery design aesthetic is unique. 

NAJO's story is your story. Because the way you interpret these pieces and ascribe meaning to them inspires NAJO to imbue every design with beauty and soul. NAJO are passionate about enabling you to wear our pieces with joy and tell your story without words. 

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Najo - My Silent Tears NecklaceNajo - My Silent Tears Necklace
Najo - Weeping Widow NecklaceNajo - Weeping Widow Necklace
Najo - Weeping Widow Necklace RoseNajo - Weeping Widow Necklace Rose
Najo - Vista Chain NecklaceNajo - Vista Chain Necklace
Najo - Vista Chain Necklace Sale price$159.00
Najo - Like a Breeze Necklace - Gold 45cmNajo - Like a Breeze Necklace - Gold 45cm
Najo - Ms Perla Earring RoseNajo - Ms Perla Earring Rose
Najo - Ms Perla Earring Rose Sale price$169.00
Najo - Ms Perla EarringNajo - Ms Perla Earring
Najo - Ms Perla Earring Sale price$159.00
Najo - Baby Tears Earring Yellow GoldNajo - Baby Tears Earring Yellow Gold
Najo - Highfield CuffNajo - Highfield Cuff
Najo - Highfield Cuff Sale price$149.00
Sold outNajo - Ability CuffNajo - Ability Cuff
Najo - Ability Cuff Sale price$199.00
Najo Sterling Silver Barber RingNajo Sterling Silver Barber Ring
Najo Sterling Silver Baby Strudel HoopNajo Sterling Silver Baby Strudel Hoop
Najo Ms Perla Yellow Gold EarringNajo Ms Perla Yellow Gold Earring
Najo Double Beat Yellow Gold Stud EarringNajo Double Beat Yellow Gold Stud Earring
Najo Sterling Silver Vista Chain BraceletNajo Sterling Silver Vista Chain Bracelet
Najo Zippy Twist Yellow Gold Huggie Earrings
Najo Curb Small Silver Hoop Earrings
Najo Tigger Silver Earrings
Najo Tigger Silver Earrings Sale price$89.00
Najo Tigger Yellow Gold Earrings
Sold outNajo Acapulco Asp 60cm Necklace
Sold outSaleNajo Pool of Tears BangleNajo Pool of Tears Bangle
Najo Pool of Tears Bangle Sale price$199.00 Regular price$289.00
NAJO Naj 'O' Bangle (67mm)NAJO Naj 'O' Bangle (67mm)
NAJO Naj 'O' Bangle (67mm) Sale price$589.00
NAJO Garden of Eden Bangle SilverNAJO Garden of Eden Bangle Silver
Sold outNAJO Amarres Wide Bangle
NAJO Amarres Wide Bangle Sale price$249.00
SaleNAJO Weeping Widow Bangle
NAJO Weeping Widow Bangle Sale price$199.00 Regular price$299.00
NAJO Highfield Silver Cuff
NAJO Highfield Silver Cuff Sale price$159.00
NAJO Large Garden of Eden BangleNAJO Large Garden of Eden Bangle
NAJO Weeping Woman EarringNAJO Weeping Woman Earring
NAJO Weeping Woman Earring Sale price$119.00
NAJO Weeping Woman Rose Gold Earring
NAJO Baby Tears Earring
NAJO Baby Tears Earring Sale price$59.00
NAJO Double Beat Yellow Gold Stud Earring
NAJO Garden of Eden Silver Hoop EarringNAJO Garden of Eden Silver Hoop Earring
NAJO Weeping Widow Rose Gold Necklace
Sold outNAJO Roma Rose Gold (2-tone) Necklace
Sold outNAJO Roma Pendant Necklace
NAJO Roma Pendant Necklace Sale price$139.00
NAJO Tigger Silver Necklace
NAJO Tigger Silver Necklace Sale price$89.00
NAJO Tigger Yellow Gold Necklace
Sold outNAJO Herringbone Silver Necklace
Sold outRope Silver Bangle (65mm)
Rope Silver Bangle (65mm) Sale price$329.00
Eternita Silver Bracelet (19cm + ext)
Mattina Silver Bracelet (19cm + ext)
Sunshower Link Bracelet (18cm+ext)
Sold outNajo Summer Leaf Bracelet (18.5cm)Najo Summer Leaf Bracelet (18.5cm)
Najo Sereno Bracelet (20cm)Najo Sereno Bracelet (20cm)
Najo Sereno Bracelet (20cm) Sale price$199.00
Najo Dune Cuff (61mm)Najo Dune Cuff (61mm)
Najo Dune Cuff (61mm) Sale price$269.00
Moonglow 5mm Bangle (64mm)
Moonglow 5mm Bangle (64mm) Sale price$189.00
Moonglow 3mm Bangle (64mm)
Moonglow 3mm Bangle (64mm) Sale price$119.00
Najo Nest Huggie Silver EarringNajo Nest Huggie Silver Earring


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If you’d like to sit down with one of our friendly jewellers and put your ideas on paper, simply choose an available time and enter your details. Our jewellers will help you articulate your ideas, and put together a sketch to allow you to visualise exactly what your next piece look like.